Police want Henry Banda over his alleged role in Zamtel sale

Police want Henry Banda over his alleged role in Zamtel sale

Henry Banda

The Task Force on Corruption is looking for former president Rupiah Banda’son Henry in connection with his alleged role in sale of Zamtel, police sources have revealed.

Police sources say the investigators are relying on the information provided by Caesar Siwale in 2009 that Henry Banda was involved in the sale of Zamtel.

On Thursday March 19, 2009, Pangea  Renaissance Securities Limited chief executive officer Caesar Siwale  told the  tribunal that that was set up to investigate Dora Silya that President Rupiah Banda’s son, Henry, asked his company to provide support to RP Capital transaction over the valuation of Zamtel assets.

The tribunal was set up  to investigate alleged corruption and abuse of office involving then communications and transport minister Dora Siliya.

Caesar Siwale said Henry approached him in November 2008 and asked him if Pangea Securities could provide some support to RP Capital Limited over the Zamtel transaction.

Siwale said his company also undertakes valuation of companies and institutions apart from being a stock brokerage firm.

“We did have some discussions with Mr Henry Banda regarding RP Capital and the Zamtel transaction,” Siwale said in response to Kabimba’s question on whether his company had received any enquiry from any individual or company over RP Capital. “The discussion was whether we can provide any support in the transaction given that we had an operation within the country that provides similar services.”

Siwale said Henry made the request on behalf of RP Capital Partners Limited verbally.

However, he said he could not exactly recall where the discussion took place, because he has had several discussions with Henry in different places.

Siwale said he had known Henry for close to eight or nine years and he described him as a friend of many years.

Asked if he knew Henry’s parents, Siwale responded: “His father is His Excellency President Rupiah Banda.”

Siwale said he was not aware if RP Capital Partners Limited was linked to any other company.

Siwale further said in examination-in-chief by lawyer for the petitioners, Eddie Mwitwa, that he was not privy to what type of relationship existed between Henry and RP Capital Partners Limited.

In cross-examination by one of Siliya’s lawyers, Eric Silwamba, Siwale said Henry was an adult and that he has had several discussions with him on various topics over the eight to nine years they have been acquaintances.

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