Police warn and caution Kabimba over leaked email

Police warn and caution Kabimba over leaked email

Police have interrogated PF secretary General Wynter Kabimba over the leaked email relating to the $45 million from Afghanistan.

Kabimba was summoned to Lusaka Central police where a warn and caution statement against him was recorded.

It’s not yet clear if the police have interrogated Kabwata MP Given Lubinda as well.

Kabimba later told radio Phoenix that  “I can confirm that the DEC obtained a warn and caution statement from me this afternoon over assertion of some email from Lubinda”.

Kabimba confirmed that the email is his but that he never received the content as published on this website a few weeks ago.

Last week, Police opened a docket against PF chairperson for local government Given Lubinda and party secretary General Wynter Kabimba in connection with the leaked email.

In the email, Lubinda was briefing Kabimba that the party had ´so far´ received $ 45 Million from ´friends´ in Afghanistan and Taiwan.

Lubinda was also expressing his reservations  to the party´s planned project of rounding up all unemployed youths and sending them to war torn countries as peace keepers after a short training in the military.

He also talked about the plans to demolish some residential areas in Lusaka so that land can be given to some Taiwanese and Afghan businessmen funding the party.

When the email was published on this website and reproduced by public media and radio stations across the country, PF leader Michael Sata ordered Lubinda to report to the police.

Lubinda, in the company of journalists, reported the matter to the police in which he claimed that his email had been hacked. He said the contents of the mail were the work of a hacker.

But latest information indicates the police are very, very suspicious of Lubinnda and have instead opened a counter docket.

Sources say the police have asked Zambia Information and Communication Authority (ZICTA) to study the emails and that it was the preliminary findings from ZICTA that prompted the police to open the docket against Lubinda and Kabimba.


When the matter was just reported, Kabimba didn´t deny receiving the email but said ask the author. He only denied receiving the email four days later in a arranged TV interview.

Police sources say this is an international matter and Interpol will be involved to get to its bottom.


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