Police warn Jerabos over their plans to riot

Police warn Jerabos over their plans to riot

Police boss Kakoma Kanganja has warned  copper thieves, Jerabos, planning to hold riots in Chingola. The Jerabos, sponsored by some senior government officials want to force police to release gassing mastermind Kabaso Mulenga Spax who is currently in police cells for murder and terrorism.

Kanganja says the police will deal with the copper thieves ruthlessly  and has since put police officers on high alert

Kanganja says the planned protest is illegal and the organizers did not follow the procedure.

In a statement, the I.G said all officers are on high alert and will not tolerate any lawlessness to take root.

“We have information that some groupings on the Copperbelt have printed some T- shirts and are planning to hold an illegal protest demanding for the release of Kabaso Mulenga popularly known as Spax who is in our custody,” Kanganja said.

“All the organisers of the impending illegal protest are reminded that going ahead with their planned activity will be unlawful as provisions of the law have not been followed.”

And the Kanganja reminded those behind such plans to reconsider their position or risk being dealt with ruthlessly by the police.

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