Police wasting time on how Kabimba and Chellar leaked classified letter to Mmembe

Police have started wasting our time and resources by launching investigations on how Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda’s classified letter to president Michael Sata on Value Added Tax for mining firms was leaked to Fred Mmembe by George Chellar and Wynter Kabimba.

Police service spokesperson Charity Mukanga Chanda confirmed to the media that they are investigating the matter following the directive by Finance Minister Chikwanda on the matter.

It is really not clear why the Police would waste public resources when they probably already know that Chellar and Kabimba gave their friend the letter to start blackmailing Chikwanda.

But of course Chikwanda’s directives to possibly arrest whoever leaked the letter is really an academic exercise in futility.

The cartel of Fred Mmembe, Kabimba, Mutembo Nchito and others control all the key investigative state institutions such as the Police Inspector General Stella Libongoni, Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) through Alita Mbhawe, and of course the Anti- Corruption Commission (ACC).

And if by chance police attempt to arrest Fred Mmembe for being in possession of a classified government document, he will be smiling all the way to the courts because his friend the Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito will be the one to ‘prosecute’ him.

And of course Kabimba has made several changes recently in the Judiciary with a number of friendly Magistrates and Judges being appointed and promoted.

If anything, this case may not even take place because Nchito will just enter a nolle proseque in favour of Mmembe, so it is really not clear why police would really waste our time and public resources pursuing a dead matter whose out-come is well known.

But these same law enforcement agencies would by now have been raiding journalists homes believed to be writing for the Zambian Watchdog or Richard Sakala of the Daily Nation would by now be in cells if they were the ones with the classified State House letter.

And of course this cartel has been collecting a lot of such highly classified information on anyone standing on their way to State House.

Actually, if Chikwanda or even president Sata himself now push their lack too far, they will be the ones to be arrested and be successfully persecuted by this mafia empire controlling these government security agencies and judiciary wings.

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