Police withdraw opposition protection in Mufumbwe-MP

United Party for National Development UPND has charged that Law enforcers in the country have become an arm of the Movement for Muilty Party Democracy MMD.

Mwinilungu East UPND member of parliament Stephen Katuka says The police officers manning Mufumbwe constituency are been given direct instructions by the MMD leaders to arrest only opposition cadres perpetuating violence in the area.

He complained that the UPND-PF pact is campaigning in fear because the police officers in the area have withdrawn its services from the opposition.

Katuka says that this situation has made the UPND-PF pact resort to protecting themselves from attacks by MMD cadres.

He explained that it is sad that law enforcers in the area have decided to operate with clear political inclinations instead of operating professionalism.

Meanwhile the MP has described the recent revelations of misappropriation of funds in the Patriotic Front dominated Councils as utter rubbish.

He further charged that if true the recent revelations are a sign that the Government has failed to supervise the councils.

He said he does not see the reason why MMD is blaming the misappropriation of funds on the PF because all the councils are supervised by the Local Government Minister.

He said that Government should not shift its incompetence on the PF if they have failed to control the councils.

He also claimed that the a correct proper audit has not been done stressing that the audit should be subjected to the Auditor Generals office followed by National Assemblies publics accounts committee for scrutiny unlike the procedure used which he described as cheap politicking by republican president Rupiah Banda.

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