Police, ZICTA hack Zambia Watchdog emails, website

The Zambia police on Friday ordered the government department that controls internet to hack the website of the Watchdog and emails.
This is in the ongoing hunting down of Watchdog writers and sources by the government authorities.

The police took a court order issued by Judge Gregory Phiri last week to The Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) and demanded that the hacking begins.
They compelled ZICTA to hack the website, and emails of editors and people they suspect to be sources of the Watchdog.
The Watchdog website and its emails are hosted and controlled in Europe and thereby outside the jurisdiction of ZICTA and Zambia police. But due to the amount of bloody money that has been staked to destroy the Watchdog and the pressure being exerted on it, ZICTA will do anything even if it means breaching international law.
The police hope they can trace the source of information for the Watchdog and also the IP addresses of its readers who post comments.

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