ZCAS porn: police move in as ZCAS expels the students

Police in Lusaka are said to be moving in on Zambia Centre for Accountancy (ZCAS) students who are involved in pornography and drugs.

Police Inspector General Martin Malama told the media that the investigations are under way.

The investigations were prompted by a porn video said to involve a male and female student from ZCAS. The  female student is identified as  Iris. The video is posted on a USA based website called XVIDEOS.

The video involving the ZCAS students  is titled ‘Zambian Naughty ZCAS College Girl Iris Likes It Dark N Lovely.’

And the latest information indicate that both the girl and boy involved have been expelled from ZCAS after management questioned them.

The regular police are investigating the matter with the Drug Enforcement Commission and the Zambia Information and Communication Authority (ZICTA) which is trying to establish exactly where the video was posted from.

The police and ZICTA are also trying to trace all individuals sending the link to others.

The girl named as Iris is said to very well known at ZCAS and is believed to be a daughter of an MP from Western province.

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