Policeman rapes suspect in his custody

A Police Officer in Monze District has run away after raping a suspect in his custody while in transit, senior officers have revealed. The incident happened around 16:00 hours on Wednesday when Sergeant Steven Nkwaindi who is stationed at Hill Top police post was transferring a female suspect named Ester Mweemba along the railway line.

Mweemba was reported to police by her husband after she forcefully took custody of a 2 year old baby.

According to police sources at Monze’s Moomba police station, Stg. Nkwaindi ordered Mweemba 22, a married woman of Manungu compound to remove her 2 year old baby from her back before dragging her in the shrubs where he raped her. After he had finished forcing himself on Mweemba, Nkwaindi abandoned the mission of taking the suspect to the police and bolted to unknown destination. “We shall charge him for rape, which is pure rape because there was no conceit; he just forced himself on the woman. The youngman had intentions to rape Mweemba because he deviated from the main road and decided to use the bush path and when he reached at some place behind the Food Reserve Agency sheds he ordered the young sister of the suspect to get back and prepare food because in his opinion he was going to lock her up in the cells but ended up committing the offence,” he said. Police have since launched a manhunt for Nkwaindi. Medical officials at Monze Mission Hospital confirmed receiving Mweemba who complained of abdominal pains after she was raped. And Police spokesperson Ndandula Siamana said the matter was reported to police on Wednesday and investigations have been instituted to establish facts before the matter could be taken to court. “We are investigating the matter so seriously, it was reported, he cannot be on the run for so long we are moving and shall arrest and prosecute whoever is involved,” said Siamana. And UPND Southern province deputy chairperson John Chidyaka said there was need to seriously scrutinise individuals seeking to become police officers. “This rape case reported in Monze is one of the serious criminal offences police officers have committed in the province which needs to be seriously investigated, a few weeks we had police officers shooting and killing innocent people in Mazabuka and now it is raping our wives, can the command do something to ensure that such seeds are weeded out of the service,” he demanded.

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