Policeman Shonga still abusing car he grabbed from victim

Policeman Shonga still abusing car he grabbed from victim

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Police Officer Lenny Shonga says Still Above the Law

Police Officer Lenny Shonga is still driving around a Ford Ranger which he illegally grabbed from Ultimate Insurance shareholders in September 2020 without producing any documentation like a seizure notice. The vehicle is owned by one of the Ultimate Insurance shareholders Nachi Musonda. Lenny Shonga has also stolen the 2 smart phones, a K 2,000 and other valuables that were in the car at the time he illegally grabbed it for his personal usage.

When a car is confiscated legitimately in the course of police investigation, it is supposed to be parked and all valuables found in the car recorded and signed off by the owner. But not when Constable Shonga is involved.

Just recently, Constable Shonga used the vehicle to transport his sick father from the village to Lusaka’s Coptic Hospital where Tomorrow Investments owner Chanda Katotobwe is paying for his medical bills. Lenny Shonga has been on Chanda Katotobwe’s Tomorrow Investments payroll now for over one year now.

Even with the arrival of new Deputy IG Charity Katanga, Police Officer Lenny Shonga says he is untouchable as he is protected by Chanda Katotobwe who claims to have friends in high places.

Shonga openly boasts that he is above Charity Katanga and Minister of Home affairs Hon Steven Kapyongo Kampyongo as he reports direct to the Inspector General of police Kakoma Kanganja. Constable Shonga tells fellow officers that IG Kanganja has allowed him to keep the car and use is as he sees fit because the police service does not have enough vehicles

He has been used the car to ran personal businesses including shopping and as seen in the picture, the car is parked at chelston police where Shonga stays.

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