Policemen complain, top command in funds abuse

Policemen have complained about hardships faced to claim their allowances and say they are disappointed by the PF government’s failure to improve their working conditions.

And top police command are abusing funds that are meant for running of police stations in the country through luxury lodges and endless allowances. Junior officers have asked for an audit of the country’s police service and thereafter discipline all senior officers found wanting.

According to the officers interviewed by the Zambian Watchdog, they have not been paid their allowances for leave commutation, special duties and settling in for many years. Some who were transferred as far back as 1993 have not been paid their dues, which have even lost value today.

“Sata abused us a lot during the run up to 2011 elections, he lied that PF would improve our conditions and we thought we were voting for a genuine person but he has come out to be a disappointment, some of our friends have died without getting their allowances,” said the cops.

Meanwhile commissioners and top command at ZP headquarters and in divisions are abusing the division fund that comes to each division to help stations run smoothly by using paying themselves huge subsistence allowances and lodging fees.

Sources at ZP headquarters disclosed that all divisions get a division allocation to help smooth running of police stations and is supposed to be disbursed to the stations for administration by officers in charge but the funds were managed at divisions making it difficult to buy even small things.

“This fund (division) is supposed to be received at division then be disbursed to the stations so that the officers in charge manage it and retire imprest but it is heavily controlled by commissioners who are now using it to pay for their luxurious lodges since most of them are not fully settled in their posts due to continued reshuffles, so you find that police stations cannot even buy small things like cleaning materials and stationery,” said the source.

And an investigation by the Zambian watchdog has revealed that Zambia police is spending over Kr1 million a month for lodging of provincial police commisiioners and other senior officers who have refused to occupy houses left by their predecessors.

Most of the commissioners have left families in Lusaka or at their previous postings so they are lodging at executive lodges ranging between Kr500 and Kr700 per night.

Added to that, the top officers accrue bills for beverage and food and constantly claim transport allowance to visit their families at the expense of junior officers who have been waiting for their allowances for many years.

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