Policemen in financial problems, unhappy with PF

Policemen in financial problems, unhappy with PF

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 22.58.50Police officers are unhappy with the way the PF is running the nation and the scrapping of the little financial incentives that were offered to them under the MMD regime, they have warned that PF will find it difficult to run the country and winning the 2016 elections.

A source from the Police headquarters told the Zambian Watchdog that in the past, single officers used to get K90 mealie meal allowance while married got K180, had electricity paid for them but all these have been scrapped and prepaid electricity metres installed in all the camps, meaning all officers buy electricity units for themselves.

To make matters worse, two weeks ago police Inspector General Stella Libongani directed all commissioners in provinces to ban all small scale businesses in the police camps and the puppet commissioners who are pleading for contract renewals are likely to carry out the directive.

“Boss we are suffering, all allowances have been scrapped, we now pay for electricity except the Protective Unit (PU) who Sata uses to quench demonstrations get the electricity allowances. And now that bitch called IG Stella Libongani has issued a directive that we demolish our tuntembas (makeshift stalls), chicken runs, no saloons and any other business, so how do we survive because even the police shops in the camps don’t work so if you want airtime you have to go to the nearest selling point, if you want bread you have to go to the market even if it is a kilometer away. This is a mess of government, blow it up for us because we don’t have a union,” said the source in a lengthy interview.

The source said the police have never faced the current sufferings under any regime since independence, but were conforted that they are also voters and will teach PF a lesson in 2016. He said that most officers were now finding it difficult to send their children to school.

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