Policy inconsistencies: PF reverses traffic fees hikes

The PF Cabinet has reversed the recently announced increase in fines and fees for traffic offences and services and reverted to the old ones.

PF Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili told a media briefing in Lusaka today that Cabinet at its 23rd meeting considered the concerns raised by the general public especially bus and taxi operators that the newly introduced fines and fees were too high and were making the operations of their businesses difficult.

Surely a government run by normal people would have consulted before increasing the fees. So the PF expects to be praised for reversing the unnecessary problem it created in the first place due to its lack of proper planning.

Kambwili has advised traffic officers to begin charging the old fees.

He says the ministry of Justice will in due course issue a statutory instrument on reverting back to old fines and fees.

Kambwili said that Cabinet during the same meeting approved the introduction of reservation schemes for poultry, quarrying, block making and domestic haulage which will ensure that selling of live birds on retail and wholesale markets, poultry production and processing, block making and quarrying investments are reserved for Zambians citizens or be citizen influenced.

We are very sure in a few weeks this will be reversed as well. Just wait.

He said Cabinet also looked at the report on the inquiry into salaries, salary structures and conditions of the public service meant to harmonize and rationalize salaries and pension reforms. But he didn’t say what they decided after ‘looking’ at the report.

Kambwili said cabinet also approved the publication of the customs and excise amendment bill 2015 and subsequent introduction in Parliament during the current sitting.

He explained that the amendment will provide for the removal of customs duty on green houses and rose seedlings and the revision of the customs duty on rates applicable to the importation of motor vehicles and imposition of a surcharge tax on the importation of vehicles older than five years.

Two months from now, this will be reversed, that is just how the PF works.

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