Magande urges candidates to avoid corrupt practices

Magande urges candidates to avoid corrupt practices

National Movement for Progress (NMP) President Ngandu Magande says people vying for political office must refrain from corrupt practices so that citizens can have confidence in them.

Magande, who was speaking on a Q FM radio program, noted that for Zambia to boast of economic development there is need to develop all key sectors of the economy.

He said it is vital to revamp the education sector by giving students required tools and developing their talents from the time they are in primary schoo. He said government needs to play a bigger role in this.

Magande said there is  need to re-introduce the primary health care which has been neglected.

He noted that the staff in the health sector should be well trained and motivated with good salaries so that they deliver the services required of them.

Magande said it is disheartening to see retarded growth in the country all because Governments misuse public funds at the expense of the Zambian people.

He charged that the leadership in the nation is fond of misappropriating resources and has no proper explanation for the source of some monies being used in the development of infrastructure.

Commenting on the charges of corruption leveled by Patriotic Front (PF) Chairperson for local government and housing, Given Lubinda against Universal Printing Group (UPG), the South African Company engaged to print the ballot papers for the forthcoming elections, the NMP leader said it is pleasing to see citizens taking up the role of whistle blowers and brining out issues of alleged corruption in the electoral process as it is a matter of national importance.

Magande further appealed to citizens to scrutinize all the presidential candidates and to choose an individual who has integrity and will manage the nation well.

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