Political joker Cosmo Mumba reports Mulongoti to police- claims he defamed Edgar Lungu

Cosmo at Woodlands police

Political joker Cosmo Mumba today reported People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti at Woodlands police for allegedly defaming PF leader Edgar Lungu that he is not a Zambian citizen.
Mumba hallucinated that Mulongoti must be charged with defamation and arrested for ‘misleading’ the nation on Lungu’s nationality.
Mulongoti has called for an investigation on Lungu’s nationality and has since written the Office of the Public Protector to investigate the matter.
The PF has a habit of hiring political jokers to lodge complaints with the police against those perceived to be challenging Lungu’s political survival.
Recently NDC consultant Chishimba Kambwili was arrested after another political joker Chilufya Tayali reported him to the Anti Corruption Commission for alleged corruption.
Play boy diplomat Anthony Lubinda Mukwita authored a ‘doctored’ book on Edgar Lungu but this has not helped matters as the information in the book is contradicting information that was recently given by hired Chiefs from Eastern Province in their attempt to convince the nation that Lungu was their subject and was a bonafide Zambian citizen.


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    tolilo 1 week ago

    Such actions backfire,it is better to “let sleeping dogs lie”.

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    Njangwamuloty 1 week ago

    I think M’membe must record all the people hired to justify Lungu’s nationality as a Zambian while knowing too well that he is “Malawan” so that when he comes into power, they are all arrested, prosecuted for treachery, sentenced to death and hanged and the independence stadium.

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    so,bastard cosmo mumba hw do u come in in this matter?