Political naivety of the opposition and the PF survival strategy

By George Samiselo

The lack of political tact and understanding in the two leading opposition political parties, the MMD and UPND leaves much to be desired. They seem to have no capacity to see through the strategy of the PF and the Post Newspaper in ensuring that a formidable political challenge is none existent come 2016.

The MMD and UPND feeble attempt at unity is singularly the most portent threat to the PFs continued hold on power past 2016. The PF has therefore rolled out a simple strategy, to destabilize and weaken the MMD by all means, including the weakening of the MMD/UPND alliance. The strategic consideration is that once the MMD is weakened to in-effectiveness, then it will be easy to unleash a tirade of “regional/tribal” party tag media blitz attack on the UPND, and isolate it. At the end of it all, there will be no meaningful challenger and thus guarantee re election for the PF.

Re-election in 2016 is crucial to the economic and political interests and survival of the factions that make up the PF.  For the Post Newspapers and company, the longer the PF is in government, the better their chances to manage their indebtedness with government controlled institutions, and hopefully, like GBM said, to enhance business prospects of their enterprises. Then there is the added benefit of controlling the direction of the government through influencing policy and key personnel appointments. Another group within the PF has seen a possibility and opportunity of rising to the highest office in the country as they see the probability of PF without Sata as presidential candidate in 2016. This group is equally interested in annihilating the opposition so that no matter how unacceptable they will be as individuals and as a party; there will be no opposition to stand in their way.

One would think the MMD and UPND analysts have see through this and will devise strategies to counter these maneuvers including guarding their alliance jealously. Instead, they are willingly being shepherded in a position where they see each other as rivals/opponents and not the PF. They are being cheered on to gorge one another, and they are playing ball much to the pleasure of the PF and Post.

On a daily basis, we see headlines of MMD and UPND officials throwing mad and dirt at each other, and undermine their unity. Their national appeal and relevance is being questioned by the day even as it diminishes, and they seem not to be aware of the political cliff they are headed to.

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