Political parties lack vision and values-Chipimo

National Restoration Party (NAREP) Interim, President Elias Chipimo says currently political parties in the country lack bold vision and ambitious values.
Chipimo said his party would love to see development in the nation and make Zambia a bread basket and energy producing nation.
He denied assertions that he formed a party to split votes and bring confusion, adding that he would love to see change brought about by himself and NAREP.
Chipimo said there was a conviction in his heart and mind that there is need to offer something different and radical to the citizens and he decided to take up the challenge as he believes the PF/UPND pact is not the only hope for this country.
Meanwhile, Federation for Free Trade Unions in Zambia (FFTUZ) president, Joyce Nonde Simukoko said the increasing numbered of inactive political parties would not promote young democracy in the nation.

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