Political violence

Admin publish 4 me before my h@t breaks & do no hide my ID kaili its just an advise!!
Pliz my bros & sis’s called cadres wake up & grow,stop violence.To tell you the truth in case you don’t know, the people you fight for do not even care about for as long as they are in state house no harm will reach them they even laugh @ you kaili to them you entertain & remind them of Schwatznegar. You fight battles for them 6 to 6 on an empty stomach,the people you fight for have powerful security,free food on the table,Education,healthy,salaries like they are paying 100 teachers,allowances to mention but a few.But with you not even a single son to protect you,no food on your table you just steal coins at bus stations & you still think you are normal?Haaaaa try one day to wake up& plan on how to put food on your table than waking up with a panga just to kill those criticising you. We are human beings be it you,Matapa,Ackson or me! Pliz how many are you going to kill so that you are employed? how many are you going to kill so that mealie meal will be reduced to K50? how many are you going to kill so that they ll be more money in your torn pockets so that you buy kantobo . Stop wasting your time just sinning against God evryday find something & make all these affordable yourself do not wait 4 them to do it 4 you,Do not just follow them they are also lost,instead decide now whether you turn the page or you simply close the book. Zambia is a christian nation so let us take advantage of this & keep peace. We need to work as one people regardless of our political affiliation if we are to develop as a country. ‪#‎Anyway‬ just an advise if you think its nonsense then you are living in the past b’coz elections are already over if you don’t know. Us here we don’t even fight kaili everybody is busy working 4 their families we are just waiting 4 Voter registrations so that we can exercise our rights again in 2016.I now understand why we have so many street kids in towns kaili you don’t have what to do & wen u become hungry you resort to violence. Plan not to kill but to feed your family,stop being used as puppets.

Warren Anyone

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