Kabanda condemns formation of NAREP

Citizens Forum Executive Director, Simon Kabanda says the formation of the new political party, National Restoration Party (NAREP) is wrong as it will just confuse the electorate and split votes.
Speaking to hot fm, Kabanda said politicians should work with existing political parties instead of forming new ones.
He castigated politicians for forming new political parties just to address certain agenda, saying if this continues we will have yet another minority president in the country after the 2011 elections.

But MMD national Secretary Katele Kalumba has welcomede the formation of NAREP.

Kalumba claimed that the ruling party believes in multi-party democracy and will not stand in the way of citizens who want to politically associate.

He  said MMD welcomes the formation of NAREP and is willing to study its manifesto to understand the policies and programmes the party has to offer.

He said the claims by the UPND that the MMD has sponsored NAREP is therefore an insult to the intelligence of Zambians who fought for democracy.

“We are a party which believes in democracy within the Zambian context and that is why we negotiated with the first Republican President Kenneth Kaunda to forego clause four to allow multi-party democracy.

“Multi-partism is good for Zambia and while we are not associated with the new party, we are ready to study their manifesto and we will treat them like any other party depending on what policies they have,” Dr Kalumba said.

He said it is wrong for the UPND to rush to condemn the existence of NAREP even before the party penetrates the political scene.

“Even before we know what this party has to offer, we are throwing mud at them. This is a democratic country and so let’s accept the formation of other political parties,” he said.

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