Politicians who served in UNIP must go, says Sejani

UPND chairman for elections and campaign Ackson Sejani says 2011 is the appointed and year of real change.
Sejani who is Mapatizya parliamentarian said all politicians that served in the UNIP government must not be allowed to continue in politics because they have failed the people.
He said politicians that held senior positions both in government and the party when UNIP was in power will be forced to retire if they don’t voluntarily step aside. “This is the appointed year. This is the promised year. This year we’re going to retire people whether they like it or not because time has come. All those who served in UNIP and MMD, all those who ate with Welensiki whether in government or opposition forsake! If they don’t want to go voluntarily we shall send them on forced retirement, we want change because many people want change,” said Sejani.
He said there would be no change if voters replaced President Rupiah Banda with Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata. He said it is better to bring back to active politics former president Kenneth Kaunda instead of voting for either Sata or President Banda. “If you saved in the UNIP government forget this year because we want real change and for it to happen we must work hard so that we win all the wards and constituencies in the country.
We want our president HH to win and go to State House and rule this country. We already have the president in HH who has been endorsed by various people. He’s young, vibrant and energetic,” he said.

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