Politics of the belly: Munkombwe’s noise finally rewarded by PF

Politics of the belly: Munkombwe’s noise finally rewarded by PF

Munkombwe dancing for MMD money in 2011

Former Southern Province Deputy Minister Daniel Munkombwe’s praise singing and noise making for the PF government has finally been rewarded with a State House vehicle ABX 3847.

Mr. Munkombwe, popularly known as ‘politics of the belly’ uses the Mitsubishi Pajero, grey in colour, in Southern Province and draws fuel from government special duties account with instructions from his new pay masters to aid PF penetrate Southern Province.

Mr. Munkombwe, who has virtually failed to survive on his own has been in politics throughout his days on earth and his recent ‘noise’ has finally caught the attention of the PF leadership after a few favourable headlines in the PF compromised Post newspaper.

Munkombwe has now found himself in the thick of PF succession battles by siding with the Wynter Kabimba camp of blocking others by calling for President Michael Sata to go for a second term in office, as if there was someone who had stopped president Sata from running for another term.

Sources from State House said Mr. Munkombwe’s vehicle from State House fleet of special assignment vehicles was given to him recently when he seemed to be attacking opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

He was first publicly spotted with the new vehicle during the recent memorial service for the late George Cornhill in Monze.

Munkombwe has no political influence or following. He survives by praising and cheating whoever is in power. He betrayed Kenneth Kaunda, He betrayed  and conned Mwanawasa as well,

He cheated his way into Rupiah Banda’s administration but betrayed him just after power shifted. The only person he failed to con was Fredrick Chiluba.

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