Poor airtel network in Kalene


Dear Editor,

I wish to thank you for your tireless efforts to help speak for the poor masses, under privileged and the remotest people of this country.

Kalene is an area situated about 70 kilometers away from Mwinilunga Boma. The area shares borders with both Angola and Congo in its vicinity. It has a lot of important facilities around like the mighty Zambezi Rapids, Kalene Hill, Kalene Nursing School and Kalene Mission Hospital. The Nursing school houses Zambian youths from around the country and the hospital serves Zambians, Angolans and Congolese patients. All this description gives an insight of how much activities go on in Kalene and how much impact the poor airtel network has on the people in the area.

Some days, like today 9th July 2014, go without any network coverage and usually no explanation or apology is given by the airtel company to its customers in the area. As if that is not enough even those days when network is there people have to search for the usual poor signal in the hills, trees, some corners of the houses or just certain spots of the area but still in a long time no attention has been offered by the provider. This poor signal also makes us lose our talk time when making a call as it is most of the times not clear when you are talking during a call or when you are browsing it takes very long until you lose your money without achieving anything.

It is our plea, Editor, that using this forum airtel attends to our grief and if possible MTN comes in to strengthen their signal from Ikelenge to cover Kalene also so that we do away with the un-listening airtel provider to us customers in Kalene.

We will be very happy if this issue is given the serious attention in stronger terms. Thank you Editor.

Concerned Airtel Subscriber


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