Poor country, fat ministers

Hello comrades, It is shameful for Zambia to be ranked amongst the 10 poorest nations of the world and yet it has the most obese Ministers in the world enjoying the most unlimited freebies in the world. Just look at the appalling statics of malnourished children whose attention appears completely ignored by those highly paid obese Zambian Ministers who sit in cabinet and do-nothing about it and yet the trauma of poor infancy nutrition and starvation continues ravaging most infants and families with no proper social benefit system to help alleviate their sufferings.
The tragic behavior is that Zambian leaders are only interested in procurement of foreign goods and services no matter what it cost for as long as they get a cut at the end of the process. No one really has made a convincing case so far why a poor nation like Zambia should be printing money again this time around just to put figure-heads of former presidents on it? Surly this is a reckless expenditure which we can forego.
The continued engagement of foreign contractors continues to deprive with impunity the local contractors from getting good contracts to enhance their businesses and improve their lot. We think the downfall of this country lies in the carefree reckless spending and borrowing and externalization of public resources by those managing them on our behalf. The behaviors which have led this country to be amongst the poorest nations of the world can be attributed to selfishness and lack of patriotism on the part of obese PF leaders who are only intent on eating to the exclusion of the majority of the people. This is what happens to a nation when good governance, accountability and social Justice is ultimately thrown-out of the window with impunity.

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