Poor governance has cost PF popularity – Dante

Political analyst Dante Saunders says the PF government has lost popularity due to its poor governance style.

And Mr. Saunders says efforts by the PF government to finish off of the United party for National Development (UPND) will not work.

Mr. Saunders has told QFM news that what the PF government should realize is that the UPND is also a political party which exists for all Zambians who also have a right to freedom of association and expression.

He has noted that it will therefore be up to the Zambians to decide on whether or not to usher the UPND into office.

Mr. Saunders has since reminded the PF government that it was voted into power because it promised to deliver development and should therefore focus on fulfilling campaign promises and not on intimidating the UPND.

He has also observed that the PF would be lucky to win if elections where to be held today.

Mr. Saunders has since advised the PF government to go back to the drawing board and ensure that it improves the manner in which it is running the affairs of the country

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