Poor Guy Scott

We actually feel sorry for Guy Scott. It is not easy to stand against a gang of thieves, especially when the power you hold is not real but just interim.
If Scott had stood his ground and protected public resources and presided over a credible election like he had promised, he would have secured himself a place among noble men in the annals of Zambia’ s history.

But Scott was intimidated by corrupt, senior soldiers to go and escort Edgar Lungu to file in nominations. The thieves are now celebrating. And using our money – money meant to pay farmers, put medicine in hospitals, they will go to every corner of Lusaka and ferry people. They are even calling him his Excellency, suddenly?

There is no one to protect public resources anymore. The only person who tried has been subdued and concurred and made to walk in front carrying the loot. What more could Scott have done? He has told the public that they want him out so that they can access public resources for private use. He has no power to discipline anyone. Whatever command he gave, they ignored it with impunity. They dared him publicly. They told him he is a danger to Zambia as his loyalty lies with Scotland. suspended him from his position as pf vice president; told him to resign as acting president. As late as last night, one of them was telling civil servants to ignore the law he signed. They humiliated him, told him he is not God, he is not a factor and that he is a pig. Today, the pig will lead the nominations. If they said Scott has no influence and is not a factor, why do they need him so bad that they will go the extent of sending military commanders to intimidate him?

After the public humiliation Scott has suffered, how many right thinking citizens will believe that Scott is genuinely supporting Edgar Lungu? Is it not clear that the poor man is blackmailed?
What happened was not reconciliation. It is conquest. Reconciliation is supposed to be genuine.
We are sure, as they campaign, they will.be giggling and laughing at him behind his back saying: ‘ this fool thought he was clever but we taught him a lesson’.

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