Poor quality Levy Mwanawasa University

Poor quality Levy Mwanawasa University

Dear Editor,

Please withhold my identity but its important for the nation to know about what is happening at University Teaching Hospitals(UTH)/Levy Mwanawasa Medical University (LMMU) regarding training of newly recruited students in the MBcHB program (Medicine).

As you are aware, Chitalu Chilufya commissioned the LMMU and his goons were aloff on social media with pictures of its infrastructure inside and outside plus also paraded newly recruited students with pictures showing them in class.

Don’t be lied to.

This LMMU was prematurely opened before it was ready.

The lecture theatres have no power, no basic equipment like Over Head Projectors (OHP) to aid learning..

They don’t have lecturing staff as well. What has happened now is that Dr Chilufya Chitalu has instructed the University Teaching Hospitals to release students currently doing their Master’s programs there to be giving lectures to early entry students in the Medicine stream (upto 3rd year). This is for courses like Physiology, Anatomy, Embryology, Histology,Biochemistry etc. Each postgraduate has been given topics to go and teach LMMU 3rd year students using their own fuel funds. Please be informed that these postgraduates are not trained personnel in the courses they are being asked to teach these students.

Is it right to allow such a thing to happen just to garner voter support ahead of 2021 at the expense of quality?

That is the huge blunder from the Alpha and Omega Chitalu Chilufya. Where are the ethics in this man.Where are the ethics in people like Prof Sekeleni Banda who should have been appropriately advising the Minister on need to get appropriate training staff in order to get good quality medics? Beside,Prof Sekeleni Banda’s area of specialty is Medical Education but just because his pockets are oiled you are allow wrong things..

Spare the MMED students at UTH who cant speakout against being asked to teach courses they have little knowledge about just because they are on GRZ payroll. They have enough problems to contend with in their respective training programs where they reach themselves due to lack of training staff.

UNZA may not be aware that their candidates will be using theircoursework time to teach at Dr Chitalu Chilufya LMMU.

Expose this!!!

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