Poor state of Solwezi-Ch​ingola Road

Dear Editor,
Allow me to register my sentiments over the poor state of the Solwezi-Chingola road. The state of this road has left much to be desired in view of the massive wealth (copper and gold) that is passing through this road. After all the cause of the poor state of this road is the same trucks that are ferrying minerals from Kansanshi Mine and Lumwana Mine to the copperbelt. Although the mines have created employment to many of our brothers and sisters and also contributing taxes to the national treasurer, that is not justification to inconvenience and subject travellers and other road users to a nightmare whenever travelling on this Solwezi-Chingola road.
  This reminds me of Enoch Kavindele’s bid to construct a rail line from north western to Chingola but faced a lot of political battles with Rupiah Banda’s regime until he was coerced to join the campaign team despite earlier vying for the MMD presidency. The old adage, “if you cant beat them join them,” was Kavindele’s option for winning his bid to construct the rail line but alas it was a wrong calculation.
  However, politics should not be allowed to work against development because Kavindele’s idea was the right way to go if at all we want our roads to have a reasonable lifespan. Otherwise the link Zambia 2000 programme may last but just for a while if at all we do not construct new rail lines to assist in reducing the overload on our roads.
  I appeal to President Michael Sata to live by his word when he said that his government was open to all patriotic Zambians that were interested in developing the country and hence the reason why former leaders in the MMD, who are also current MMD MPs are being embraced by the PF, if and when they resign from MMD.
  Once a railway line is established in north western province, the Solwezi-Chingola road will be rehabilitated once and for all to our joy and gratitude. May I also use this opportunity to revive his exellency’s mission of shifting the provincial headquarters to the more central and well linked Kabompo district. Let Solwezi just remain as a mining town so that Kabompo is well planned for a provincial headquarters.
  There has been a lot of talk about the possibility of oil presence in Kabompo and Zambezi and the hydro electricity station about to be constructed will add value to Kabompo as the provincial headquarters. Government should quickly declare Kabompo so that we reduce the congetion being currently experienced in the poorly infrastructured Solwezi.
  Please government look into these two issues: Railway line to cushion the Solwezi-Chingola road and Kabompo as the north western provincial headquarters for modernising the town and decongesting Solwezi.
Yours sincerely,
Kabiki Katombela
P.O. Box 130001

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