Poor wages for police officers

I greet you in God’s name,

Please hide my identity because I will be killed before i open my eyes. I am a police officer working from state house, kindly ask Mr ECL what the police has done wrong for him to punish us like this,my salary is k2700 since 2013 when Sata remembered us MHSRIP. My housing allowance is k1100,but look at our work please and compare it with OP or Parliament police, a junior officer from OP gets k9000 plus a lot of allowances what work do they do?and yet its us who train them at sondela paramilitary training school ..Parliament police gets k14000 plus a lot of allowances and yet they just sit on the Parliament gate and write number plates for vehicles that’s all,and its us who train them at police college,but us we work day and night exchanging bullets with criminals but we are considered rubbish in government,almost all police officers are now leaving police joining Parliament police only us with no pillars are still here suffering..accommodation i wont even talk about it coz we are now used,we know we cant be kept like law enforcers but the worst prisoners,just check paramilitary camp and see for yourselves..we have no 1 to talk for us bcoz our bosses gets a lot of money and allowances hence they cant talk coz they feel no impact..Ask Mr Chagwa if there is anything we did wrong so that we can apologize bcoz even a simple uniform is a problem,we last got uniforms in 2014..


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    moono 11 months

    Let them bear the consequences why not refusing when your boss ecl is sending you to arrest HH or beat up the oposition

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    Pesh 12 months

    My dear we dont have a government but a bantch of tourist and thieves headed by chief tourist ecl all they know is pocketing their accounts. let the petition be heard uyopa chani!

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    Muntu Bulyo 12 months

    Truly, I sympathize with the plight of our police officers. At the same time there is also a lot that you can do to regain the support of the general public. I think you should try to be more professional in your work. By this I mean you should apply the law fairly. Sometimes I feel that you do not apply the law when it comes to PF party cadres. It is also up to you to discipline unruly PF cadres. Sometimes you leave your work to be done by PF cadres. You can also minimize on harassing motorists. This time around we are lucky that some road blocks have been done away with. However it should have been you as police officers who should have called abolishing some road blocks. If you apply the law fairly you can gain support of the public for pay rise.