Poor women accused of stealing Kaseba’s blouses, beer still in jail

Poor women accused of stealing Kaseba’s blouses, beer still in jail

The two poor maids who are accused of stealing blouses and beer from widowed former first lady Christina Kaseba are still detained in remand prison.

Kaseba is now the PF ambassador to France.

When the maids were packing her clothes, some blouses and used panties went missing, probably genuinely lost as Kaseba has bags and bags of clothes. But Kaseba decided to take the maids who have served her so loyally for many years to police. According to the charges taken to court by police, the maids are also accused of stealing her alcohol. Did she seriously want to carry bottles of whiskey to Rome? She claimed that the used blouses, panties and beer were valued at K5,000.00.

When the matter came up for plea before Magistrate Nsunge Chanda, Tuesday, the two maids, Stella Michelo and Eusibia Malambo had no choice but to admit that they stole. Imagine two poor women languishing in police custody for two weeks with no access to a lawyer since they can’t afford one! The Watchdog understands that the poor women were forced to admit guilty hoping the court would be lenient to them even if they are not guilty.

But the garden boy Zachariah Mulama denied stealing saying she was only given the beer by one of the maids.

The matter has since been adjourned to August 9, 2018, for sentencing and explanation of facts.

The two maids remain in detention, but the garden boy has been given bail.

Where are women NGO to save these poor women from a heartless employer? We are very sure that given a lawyer to represent them, these women will have a good defence unlike now where only skewed ‘facts’ are being presented by their persecutors. These are women with little education facing an employer, a former first lady, now an ambassador and on her side are the police and courts, do you really expect these women to defend themselves even if they have been accused falsely?

A lawyer would cross examine Kaseba and make her produce receipts to prove that indeed there were blouses stolen. To say that the blouses were stolen during packing is simply circumstantial and does not prove that the maids stole. Maybe it is Kaseba’s niece who stole them a day before.


But the poor women have been forced to admit that they are guilty and will be jailed.



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