Poorly paid Chrisma hotel workers in Livingstone go on strike

Workers at Chrisma hotel in Livingstone have gone on a strike complaining of poor condition of service and non payments of salaries.
The workers who gathered at the hotel’s car park complained that they have not been paid theIR salaries for the past three months.
The workers also complained that management has been forcing workers to collect half salaries of K 280, 000 as monthly salaries while others have completely not been paid.
Workers representative Francis Sibungu said that management has been promising to improve workers’s condition but no signs have been seen adding that the institution was also engaging people as casual workers.
Sibungu said that all workers at chrisma hotel in Livingstone do not contribute to NAPSA as their way of payment is done on the table.
He also said that managment has burned workers from belonging to the union or forming any union and that they do not receive overtime allowances and payslips.
Sibungu said that the hotel is maki8ng alot of money but wondred why they were not being paid their salaries which he was K560,000 per month.
And efforts to get a comment from the general manager Robert McRony proved futile by press time as he claimed that he was busy.

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