Post confirms Watchdog report that PF cadre was killed by PF members

The Post newspaper has confirmed Zambian Watchdog revelations that a PF cadre Crispin Menyani Zulu was killed by his friends in the ruling party and not the opposition.

In today’s edition, the Post, a furious pro-PF newspaper could not join the queue of lies by other government media that the cadre  from Chibolya was killed by the opposition.

In a screaming headline, the Post newspaper said Police blame PF for Menyani’s death.

A police source has blamed the death of a PF cadre, Crispin Menyani Zulu, who was allegedly beaten to death by suspected MMD/UPND cadres in Rufunsa, on the ruling party.

But PF Lusaka youth chairperson Kennedy Kamba, who was at the scene,  said UPND and MMD cadres attacked them at 07:00hrs at their eight camps and that because they were outnumberd, they called for reinforcement from Lusaka.

But a highly placed police source told the Post that PF had ferried Lusaka cadres in three minibuses to Rufunsa “to cause confusion”. The source said the PF cadres carried weapons such as Pangas, knives and bags filled with huge stones and that they were led by a Keizer Zulu.

President Michael Sata, in a bid to score police points has already directed the police to arrest his opponents in the UPND and MMD.

Sata’ behaviour has been condemned by Defence of Democratic Rights (CDDR).

“We condemn in the strongest terms possible these reckless statements by President Sata, who in the past has been responsible for unleashing forces of political violence upon the Zambian people,” said Robert Amsterdam, a lawyer acting on behalf of the CDDR.  “For the president to accuse any political party prior to the completion of a full investigation represents an abuse of power and a risk of further destabilization.”

“It is deeply disappointing that within hours of losing a human life, President Sata sought to score political points,” said Mr. Amsterdam.  “As a leader who has released violent convicted felons like Judge Ngoma and has sent busloads of violent cadres to harass voters in Mufumbwe, Mr. Sata is hardly in any position to condemn the opposition.  We must allow law enforcement officials and the legal system the opportunity to perform their duties.”

The Watchdog reported the same day the event happened that Patriotic Front Cadres in Rufunsa have killed each other over money.

A PF cadre just named as Zulu has been killed by his fellow PF members but the government is trying to accuse the opposition MMD and UPND.

A senior security official told the Zambian Watchdog that some PF cadres who were ferried from Lusaka with the help of Silvia Masebo and Geofrey Chumbwe to Rufunsa for local government Bye-Elections fought over how to share money and in the process one PF cadre has been reported to have been killed.

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