Post deputy editor found guilty


Post newspaper deputy editor-in-chief Sam Mujuda has been found guilty of contempt of court on the article titled comedy of errors.

Magistrate Charles Kafunda has directed that Mr. Mujuda should appear before him next Monday for mitigation and sentencing.

This was after Post managing editor Amos Malupenga, news editor Chansa Kabwela and production editor Afeti Yulu said they played no role in the article written by professor Muna Ndulo.

Mujuda assumed responsibility over the article. Mujuda is a lawyer by profession.

The court earlier issued a bench warrant against Editor Fred Mmembe.

The warrant is returnable next Monday meaning that if Mmembe is arrested, he will have to stay in police custody till Monday.

Meanwhile, the bench warrant issued against Post Editor Mmembe is with

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