Post editor fired after Airtel Zambia gave out his phone record illegally

Post editor fired after Airtel Zambia gave out his phone record illegally

Bivan Saluseki was fired as managing editor for the Post newspaper after Airtel Zambia (Plc) illegally and unprofessional gave his phone communication records to a third party without his knowledge or consent.

According to information obtained by the Zambian Watchdog, Airtel Zambia through its Corporate and Communications (Public Relations) manager Lisa Sianyabo Mulozi breached its confidentiality to Saluseki’s by printing his record and handing it over to the Post newspaper.

Without following procedure, Airtel through Lisa Sianyabo Mulozi gave the details of all the people Saluseki has been communicating to. She gave the records to Ms. Joan Chirwa, who was Saluseki’s deputy before he was fired last week. She is now the new managing editor. Lisa and Joan were classmates at Evelyn Hone College when they studied journalism,

When Joan received the print out commonly known as ‘activity report’ from Airtel, she handed it to Post Newspapers owner Fred Mmembe or ‘King Fred’ as his puppets call him.

It is believed that the acquisition of the print out was commissioned specifically to find out all the people Saluseki was in touch with.



According to investigations, Lisa Mulozi during the illegal transaction was using phone number 0978980302 while Joan was using number 0976722494.

According to the Zambia Information Communication and Technology Authority (ZICTA) regulations, it is unlawful for a mobile phone service provider to disclose information to a third party without following laid down procedures. The lawful was is obtaining a court order authorising the service provider to disclose information to third party.

Even law enforcement agencies have no right to obtain phone records of a citizen without appropriate legal process, which is invariably a court order.

As a journalist, Saluseki is entitled to maintain and keep confidential his sources of information.

Airtel was until last month the biggest mobile service provider but with such activities, it is little wonder why public confidence is declining in the company that has changed its name four times so far.

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