Post liquidators looting property

Dear Editor,

Mr Lewis Mosho should be very careful with the people he is using in the operation for the Post Liquidation otherwise he will be in Problems. There is a guy by the name of Robert Chabinga. This guy is working against his boss. He’s cutting deals behind the boss back:

1. Hes going round boasting that him and Mosho control the state institutions. They are using the name of the president to intimidate us the police.

2. Interesting this Robert guy has now started collecting money from Transporters who are interested in buying Post Courier trucks. I don’t know if Mr Mosoho knows that Robert has collected money from people. He’s a broke guy but he’s getting cuts to guarantee getting the trucks.

3. As am speaking now Juba transport owned by Muhammad has clinched a deal to buy the trucks and Robert has even gotten a cut from it. Each truck and trailer is going for R550,000.00? The trucks are being sold for a song..

4. ZRA stands to lose out from the whole thing because the assets are being sold behind their backs.

5. These assets where supposed to advertised but how are they selling without a court order without anything.

5. Luntex Owned by Chilubanama is also interested in buying the trucks. He’s yet to give Robert the money.

If this case is overturned in the courts of law believe me Robert will run away. Mr Mosho is blind him busy in the offices Robert making money from Post Trucks.

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