Post misleading country on maize, rice costs

By Usenga G

In the Post Newspaper editorial of 11/01/2013, I was very surprised to read how the writer could mislead public on the costs between rice and maize. I quote,

“We insist that it is time we started moving away from this excessive dependence on maize meal and start teaching our people to eat  CHEAPER GRAINS LIKE RICE”.(End of Quote)

When you read, it can reveal to you that the writer of this editorial is outside reach with pricing and economic reality of Zambia. Is rice cheaper than Maize? At what level is rice cheaper than maize? Even at production level, rice grows on waterlogged lands and there are very few such areas in Zambia. The few waterlogged places cannot produce enough rice to go round Zambia. Maize can easily grow well in most Zambian soils and not rice.

Again, let us compare the price of rice and maize…

Currently,25kg bag of Maize meal costs K65,000.But 25kg of rice costs more than K200,000=00.The price of rice today and at any other time in the past has been more than twice higher than that for maize.

PostNewspaper should not mislead the people of Zambia in their quest to justify Mr.Sata’s failure to uphold food security. The PF government has never been serious with Agriculture and that is why we have critical problems with the price of Mealie meal. Even if we moved to production and eating of rice, we will still have problems as long as PF policies on farming are still handicapped

The Post is again cheating that the problems of price of maize were inherited from the previous governments. During RB short time rule the Mealie, meal prices were stable and affordable. However, today the problem has persisted and it is more likely to be worse this 2013.

Finally, please Fred, go deeper in your research before writing on something, otherwise you are becoming very irrelevant due to your inability to interpret simple basic realities on the ground.

Mr.Sata’s policies of Agriculture (if he has any) have proved that they have failed and one day just as during KK regime food riots will take place. Please put your Pride down Sata and go either Rupiah Banda or Hakainde Hichilema who are prominent farmers on how to run Agriculture.

Otherwise, very soon trouble is COMING.

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