Post newspaper engages own newspaper vendors due to poor sells

The Post newspaper has engaged its own vendors to exclusively sell their newspaper.

A check in the streets of Lusaka and sources from the once leading private newspaper in the country has revealed that the paper has engaged their own newspaper vendors that are not allowed to sell any other newspaper or items other than the Post newspaper.

The vendors selling the Post newspaper disclosed that they are under strict instructions never to sell any other items including talk-time vouchers.

Some of the vendors talked to said it was good riddance for them to stop selling the Post newspaper because it was becoming a big burden on them as it was no longer attractive.

And sources close to the Post newspaper said management suspect there is a conspiracy by vendors not to sell their newspaper because of the high returns being experienced.

Sources said management suspect the vendors are not making the newspaper visible enough and now want prove for themselves if the paper was indeed not popular by engaging their own people, who are not allowed to sell other newspapers.

And one of the Post newspaper vendors found at junction of Church Road and Independence Avenue in Lusaka said he regretted joining the scheme because his income has drastically reduced because the paper is not selling like others, and is worsened by not being allowed to sell talk-time vouchers.



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