Post newspaper lying, RB got mortgage for Kabulonga flats-Chifire

Post newspaper lying, RB got mortgage for Kabulonga flats-Chifire


RB' flats, according to the Post were built using proceeds from money laundering

We wish to condemn in the strongest terms covert political schemes being championed by a supposedly neutral Newspaper designed to discredit the integrity of former President Rupiah Banda.

The Post Newspaper has been running a story where they are alleging that Rupiah Banda constructed a block of flats in Kabulonga using dubiously acquired wealth. This story is designed to mislead the public into believing that the Newspaper is exposing grand corruption involving Rupiah Banda when in fact not.

It is sad that the post newspaper has continued on its path to discredit Mr. Banda even in his retirement, thereby depriving him of a peaceful rest. The Post Newspaper knows very well that this corruption story does not contain any grain of truth. The flats referred to where constructed using a mortgage that was obtained from a commercial bank. All the records are clear and straight. If the post newspaper was interested in giving a fair, objective and impartial story, they could have taken time to verify the information before publishing it, as this is one of the basic ethics of journalism.

Whereas the public may seem to appreciate the open pretense the post has taken on the so called fight against corruption, the paper must also take time to do an introspection of their activities to determine whether they themselves are free of corruption.

We are aware that the Post newspaper owes public institutions such as the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA), National Pensions Scheme Authority (NAPSA) and the Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) billions of kwacha through either non remittance of taxes, dubiously acquired loans and non-remittance of statutory obligations, but have not seen that as corruption.

It is clear that the Post harbors hatred for Rupiah Banda as can be seen from the many negative stories and editorials the paper carried about him from the time it became apparent that he was going to succeed the late President Levy Mwanawasa at the disadvantage of their close friend and ally, Ng’andu Magande.

We wish to advise the Post Editorial team to use every possible opportunity available to champion professional journalism so as to help build a better Zambia as opposed to championing sectarian interests.


Gregory Chifire

Executive Director

Committee of Citizens

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