Post newspaper Managing editor joins Sata’s government

Post newspaper Managing editor joins Sata’s government

Amos Malupenga

President Michael Sata has appointed and sworn-in Chimwemwe Member of Parliament Mwenya Musenge as Transport, Works , Supply and Communication Deputy Minister.

The President has also sworn in four Permanent Secretaries that include Amos Malupenga for Information Broadcasting and Tourism and Erwin Chomba who is now Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health.

Mr Malupenga was until his appointment serving as Post Newspaper Managing Editor.

Others are Ing’utu Etambuyu Suba as Permanent Secretary for Southern Province.

President Sata has also appointed Copperbelt Commanding Officer, Dr Martin Malama as Inspector General of Police, taking over from Francis Kabonde.

The President has also sworn-in former State House Principal Private Secretary Alfred Chipoya and Evaristo Mwila as Senior Private Secretaries at State House.

The swearing in of Deputy Inspector General of Police has been postponed due to a technically on the documents of oath of allegiance to the President.

And president Sata has ordered newly appointed Inspector General of Police, Dr Martin Malama to sweep State House clean of corruption.

Mr Sata says State House is full of corrupt officers who benefited from the previous government.

The President says some Police officers at state house acquired canters which were corruptly obtained by the MMD government.

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