Post newspaper plots to cite Chiluba’s aide and ZWD for contempt of Court

Post Management has tasked Deputy Managing Deputy Editor, Sam Mujuda to liaise with Mathew Mohan’s lawyer Bonanventure Mutale of Ellis & Co on how to bring contempt charges against former President Frederick Chiluba’s Press Aide, Emmanuel Mwamba and the web based newspaper Zambian Watchdog.

Sources at The Post confirmed that Mujuda, who has been a subject of contempt charges himself, will discuss with Mutale on how best to bring the articles The Post are complaining about to the attention of the Court. The duo will also plot how to raise the matter as contempt charges against Mwamba and the Zambian Watchdog.

It remains unknown what interests the two articles threatened at The Post since they were a mere analysis of the case. It is also strange that The Post found it comfortable to copy their letter to Judge Gregory Phiri and the Inspector General of Police, Francis Kabonde.

Yesterday, Post Editor, Amos Malupenga accused, former president Frederick Chiluba’s Press Aide, Emmanuel Mwamba of authoring anonymous documents and analyses against The Post.

Malupenga has also challenged Mwamba to deny that he is the author of the said documents published on the internet and are allegedly against The Post and other people.

Malupenga has directed that Judge Gregory Phiri and the Inspector General of Police Francis Kabonde take keen interest in his letter and claims that they needed to know Mwamba’s behavior.

In a letter dated 2nd November 2010, and copied to Judge Gregory Phiri, Judge Philip Musonda and Inspector General of Police, Francis Kabonde, and signed by Malupenga, Malupenga accuses Mwamba of engaging himself in activities that alienates The Post and claims that the documents put his newspaper at odds with the Judiciary.

When contacted for a comment, Mwamba refused to comment stating that he would not fall in the trap set by The Post and stated that the malicious letter from Malupenga was based on hearsay and innuendoes and the false accusations contained therein were misdirected at him. He also said he would not give dignity to Malupenga’s allegations by responding to him.

In his letter, Malupenga states that The Post wished to put it on record its displeasure at the manner in which Mwamba allegedly maligns and casts aspersion against The Post by writing various anonymous articles which Mwamba allegedly circulated on the internet via email and some web based publications such as The Zambian Watchdog.

Malupenga alleges that Mwamba, in his usual style of hiding behind anonymity published a document called Mathew Mohan; Has his Testimony damaged the Judiciary? and was published on the Zambian Watchdog tilted as “Powerful Forces and Corruption in Mohan’s murder Trial”.

Malupenga accuses Mwamba of writing this commentary even when the matter is in Court. He alleges that if The Post published similar articles, Mwamba and others were going to be quick to call for contempt of court against The Post.

Malupenga alleges that in the latest analysis, Mwamba accuses The Post of giving Mathew Mohan’s testimony credibility even when Judge Gregory Phiri had declared this testimony as hearsay. Malupenga also claims that that the analysis accuses Judge Gregory Phiri of dereliction of duty by allowing hearsay evidence.

Malupenga stated that The Post took great exception to the allegation contained in the analysis that the paper misconducted itself by merely making publication of what was said in Court.

He accuses the analysis of going to great extent to show a version of events and makes conclusions of who was responsible for the murder.

Malupenga also accuses Mwamba of knowing intricate details on the murder and alleges that the author writes as though he was at the murder scene.

The said analysis quotes the testimony of the 28 witnesses that appeared before Judge Gregory Phiri and the submissions made by the prosecution.

Malupenga further accuses Mwamba of engaging in activities that connect The Post to many conspiracies. He alleges that this is Mwamba’s concerted effort to malign The Post through continuous anonymous write-ups. He stated that in the past, Mwamba accused The Post of holding the Judiciary captive and now he accuses it of working against it.

He alleges that in their view, they recognized that Mwamba had to run propaganda machinery for Dr. Chiluba and his friends, but that he had shown desperation to appear relevant on matters that he does not even understand.

Emmanuel Mwamba is the Official Spokesperson for Second Republican President, Dr. Frederick Chiluba. Mwamba is a journalist by profession and is also a distinguished book reviewer and has even reviewed Malupenga’s book, a biography on Mwanawasa titled, Levy Mwanawasa -An Incentive for Posterity

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