Post newspaper property finally sold


The PF regime , through the Zambia Revenue Authority has finally sold Post Newspapers properties including trucks, newsprint and office furniture at both Bwinjifumu and Industrial printing offices.

The auctioned properties include 9 tracks and trailers, 7 compressors, 1 Transformer, 47 rolls of newsprint, filling station at courier station, over 50 officer tables, conference facilities, chairs, computers and canteen equipment.

ZRA appointed RDF auctioneers to sell all properties belong to the Post Newspapers including Studer radio equipment procured from Germany.

The Auction sale which started at 10 hours lasted until 17 hours and was conducted under tight state security.

Bidders where not allowed to take photos of the properties by the armed police officers who insisted they were working under instruction from the above.

The PF shut the newspaper company and over 2, 000 people have remained jobless.

President Lungu in 2015 whilst campaigning in Kabwe promised to shut down the post newspaper ‘come rain come sunshine’.

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