Post newspapers forcibly selling returned copies to vendors

Troubled about the number of returned copies from the street, PF vuvuzela Post newspaper is now imposing the copies on the vendors and demanding that they sale the biased publication by all means.

Vendors interviewed in Lusaka, Kabwe, Ndola and Kitwe told the Zambian Watchdog that they were finding it difficult to sell the Post newspaper whose content was always pro PF and whenever they returned copies they were told that they have to buy the copies and now most of them preferred to sell the Daily Nation newspaper which offered a higher commission and was easier to sale because of the balanced coverage it provided.

“Post used to sale easily when it was digging deeper but now it is a very slow moving paper, some people prefer to buy Daily mail to Post, but above all the best is Daily Nation because they even offer a higher commission than any other newspaper,” said a long time Post vendor in Kabwe, who also added that most people just perused through the paper and returned it later.

And sources from Bwinjimfumu road (Post head office) have confirmed that the number of returned copies has continued to increase and management has instituted a directive that all copies supplied to vendors be returned by 15:00hrs.

“Yes it is true we have ordered that our vendors cash in and return unsold copies by 14:00hrs because we realise that some people just get our papers, read through and return them, so if vendors don’t bring the money or the papers, then we consider them sold,” said a senior member of staff under circulations department.

The source also disclosed that the company no longer pays salaries on time and has lost a number of capable employees who have taken up jobs in other media houses or have joined the civil service.

Last month, ABZ leader Fr. Frank Bwalya bemoaned the lack of balanced coverage in some sections of the media and called for people to support the Daily Nation newspaper by advertising in the privately owned paper.

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