Post reporters expose M’membe’s appetite for nude pictures

Fred M,membe personally instructs reporters covering entertainment activities to take as many nude pictures as possible, even against the reporters’ wishes, and imposes that philosophy in editorial meetings, reporters from his Post newspaper have disclosed.

Some named reporters told the Zambian Watchdog that M’membe using his news editor Joan Chirwa Ngoma always checks on them when they are covering such events and constantly calls them reminding them not to forget taking ‘nice pictures’.

“It is painful to see our names appear on the bylines as being the authors and photographers of such dirty things, some of us have good marriages and have in-laws that respect us, we also have sisters and daughters but for them to see that I am the one who took that nude picture… what would they think of me? We have at times tried to push that we sober up on some pictures but the boss using Joan pushes us and he personally calls us, he can even call you five times in the night just over the ‘nice pictures’ needed,” said one reporter.

The reporter also wondered why people and women movements were in a hurry to criticize folk musician Pontiano Kaicha’s picture of fondling an old woman’s breast at the N’cwala ceremony when M’membe’s pictures showed women even being fondled on their private parts, and hypocritical of M’membe and his Vuvuzela Post newspaper has widely.

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