Post says Sata will be hospitalised 14 days, Scott to be more prominent

The Post Newspaper says ‘absentee landlord’ president Michael Sata will be hospitalised in London for 14 days.

The Post also claims that ceremonial vice-president Guy Scott will be the one leading independence celebrations instead of acting president Edgar Lungu
“He finally travelled to London for medical treatment. As you can see, the sentries are not at the main [State House] gate,” the sources said.
“He left Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on Sunday night and is expected to remain in hospital in London for about two weeks, which means he will only be coming back after Independence Day.”
The post then brought in their cartel member Guy Scott by claiming that ‘Sources said Vice-President Dr Guy Scott would represent the President during the golden jubilee event.’
“The President left justice and defence minister Edgar Lungu to act in his absence, but it’s actually the Vice-President who will play the main role on Independence Day. If you notice, that is why most of the Heads of State that were invited to attend the golden jubilee are sending Vice-Presidents or foreign ministers to represent them because His Excellency [President Sata] will not be around on that date,” sources said.
Guy Scott is the presidential candidate for the cartel comprising Post newspaper owner Fred Mmembe, Guy Scott, Wynter Kabimba, Speaker Patrick Matibini, DPP Mutembo Nchito, Ministers Wilbur Sumuusa, Inonge Wina and Fackson Shamenda and low ranking ministers like Miles Sampa, Daniel Munkombwe (though Munkombwe can sell out anytime and he is already prostituting himself with Edgar Lungu.)

Their scheme is simple: if Sata kaput, Guy Scott will take over from Edgar Lungu immediately as the constitution gives the vice-president power to take over when there is vacancy in the office of the president. Initially they will claim that he is just acting but anyone clever knows that the person acting as president (if real president is dead) is actually the president and decides the political future. Scott and his evil cartel will either manipulate the law or will put their own member as candidate- it can actually be Wynter Kabimba.

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