Post stories indirectly justifying calls for a referendum-Kaingu

MMD Vice President for Political Affairs Michael Kaingu says stories by the Post Newspapers quoting traditional leaders calling for an amendment in the draft constitution on land distribution justifies calls for a referendum. Dr. Kaingu says there is no need for piece meal adoption or amendments of the draft constitution. “Then the Post should stop calling us the opposition unruly because indirectly the stories they are carrying support our views. Let us take the constitution to the people to decide” he said. And Dr. Kaingu has said people should stop criticising the former ruling party on the constitution because it is the same PF when it was in opposition that shot down the draft constitution under the NCC. That is how Sata expelled 22 MP’s. So it has always been the PF against new constitution” he said. In the last week the Post has been carrying headline stories quoting chiefs who are calling for the amendment of the clause on land distribution.
“The PF strategy of using chiefs has backfired because indirectly they are supporting opposition MP’s and Civil Society Organisations who are calling for referendum” he said.

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