Postmortem on person who died in PF clashes shows death as ‘natural causes’

Postmortem on person who died in PF clashes shows death as ‘natural causes’


There is a lot of interference with cases involving those connected to Justice Minister Winter Kabimba. The Postmortem of yesterday is scandalous. The inquest into the death of the murdered PF cadre brutally butchered by Kabimba’s thugs has established the cause of death to be natural causes.

The coroner who conducted the postmortem is very corrupt and must be investigated by the Medical Council of Zambia in line with Part VII of the Medical and Allied Professions Act (Cap 245) Cap 297. This is injustice being done to the deceased who had a right to life. Let watchdog and other concerned stakeholders, including civil society organizations and the Opposition investigate this matter. This is not possible and Zambians should demand the inquest to be re-opened. If this is not done, the criminals will be acquitted of murder.

Another scandal by the Police is the Charge given to Kennedy Kamba shows how corrupt and rotten the police is. How do they charge him with proposing violence when people lost lives and others like Komaki are lying in hospital nursing serious wounds? Is that proposing violence when cadres acted on his instructions and the police know this too well? The scheme is to get cadres off the hook for murder cases and later on deal with assault and occassioning bodily harm which can be settled out of court.

Concerned Citizen

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