Poverty at its worst ever – Nawakwi

The opposition Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) President Edith Nawakwi says Zambia is in a deep social and economic crisis that needs to be addressed with the emergency it deserves.

Ms Nawakwi says poverty levels are at the highest ever with over 80 percent of the people live in abject poverty spending less than K10 per day.

Ms Nawakwi says consequently, hunger, low income, disease, low self-esteem, illiteracy, high malnutrition levels, corruption and nepotism are the daily challenges the people face.

She says over 50 percent of the children are stunted, child mortality is high with over 120 children out of every 1, 000 births dying before the age of five.

She adds that currently, 65 percent of the Zambian people have no access to safe water.

Ms Nawakwi says rural areas continue to lack facilities for basic human life, and critical socio-economic infrastructure is still either absent or it is in a state of total disrepair.

The FDD Leader says it is the duty of all people to reposition the country in the direction of growth and rekindle the burning desire to have a better Zambia.

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