November 9 power failure left one miner dead

November 9 power failure left one miner dead

(Photo: Reuters) Konkola Copper Mines PLC workers wait in a lift before going to work underground in Konkola, in this April 12, 2005 file photo.

A Miner working for Konkola Copper mine, a unit of London listed Vendata Resources died on November 18th 2011 after an accident at the premises.

The accident is said to have been caused by the power failure that hit the mines two weeks ago.

Charles Mwila an Artisan Foreman Electrical died on November 18th 2011 following an incident at Konkola Mine in Chililabombwe.

Joy Sata Mwila spokeswoman of Konkola Copper Mine explained that Mwila was involved in an accident on November 9th 2011 where he sustained burns after a power outage which affected Lusaka, copperbelt and other parts of the country.

After the incident Mwila was evacuated to South Africa for specialized treatment where he died after a week in hospital.

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