Power generation at Kariba dam still low despite floods

Power generation at Kariba dam still low despite floods

Power Generation At Kariba Remains Constrained Despite Heavy Rains

Power generation at Kariba Hydropower Station will remain depressed for the foreseeable future despite increased rainfall activity.

The recorded volume of usable (live) water is still very low compared to the same period last year.
According to the latest Pindula Newsletter of February 24, 2020,
Zambezi River Authority chief executive Engineer Munyaradzi Munodawafa had this to say:

“It is worth noting, however, that despite the increase in rainfall activities in the Kariba catchment area, there has been no significant rise in the Kariba Lake levels. Therefore, generation capacity remains constrained.”

As at 21st February 2020, the recorded lake level at Lake Kariba was 4 77,01m, with 10,4 per cent or 6,7 billion cubic meters (BCM) of usable storage.

However, this recorded volume of stored usable water is 76 per cent lower than that recorded on the same date last year (a lake level of 481,41m with usable storage of 27,5BCM of storage or 42,4 per cent live storage).

ZRA capped water allocated for power generation at 22 billion cubic metres, which translates to an average production of the rate of 550MW shared equally between Zimbabwe and Zambia.

What’s does this sad news mean for us in Zambia who have been faithfully waiting to hear the opposite to take us out of this load shedding animal that has uninvitedly of visited our households and made itself a family member?

As experts have always been saying it time for the government of the day to introduced a power generation mix in the energy sector and not continuing blaming the situation on the climate without mitigation measures.

The new Kafue gorge lower hydro power station they are “worshipping” to be our sole saviour once it gets online toward the end of 2020 is also rain water dependent.

ZWD comment: we have always told you that the problem at Kariba dam is not about the amount of rain but damaged infrastructure which the PF out: Chinese machines.

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