Power outage at Chisokone market

We are experiencing a waste power outage at Chisokone market inKkitwe, and no one from the management has explained to marketeers the reason.

But my conclusion is that, just from the time the PF took over power they gave all the markets to councils which is ok. But in our case it is that our former controllers of this market (ZANAMA) left huge debts to zesco so council inherited this debt which they have not paid mind you from the time ZANAMA left chisokone the bills are coming out which i think are not paid too. We marketeers are paying power bills but we are not supplied with the commodity. It’s too much now, and us marketeers we are too quiet now I don’t know if it’s the love which we have for PF that made us so quiet even things are not going well its ok kabili ba pf baleteka, our time is wasted toilers fridges welders etc are not working is this more money in your pockets or more jobs? We need power so that we employ ourselves. May someone help I plead.
Withheld my names.

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