Power outages finally hit State House, prompting tirade

Power outages finally hit State House, prompting tirade

Sata outside State House after swearing-in Ceremony

Persistent power outages in the country yesterday  interrupted a swearing-in ceremony at State House causing President Michael Sata to lose his cool and shout at his Principle Private Secretary Francis Chalabesa.

President Sata was swearing in seven members of the Teaching Service Commission board when a power blackout was experienced.

Power was restored after about three minutes, but the outage interrupted the ceremony five more times before President Sata turned to his staff.

“Have you seen the incompetence of Mr. Chalabesa, where is he. If load shedding is affecting State House what about the compounds? What about the people in Kanyama,” he wondered.

“When president Sata called for Chalabesa, he was informed that the Principle Private Secretary was already on phone with the Zambia electricity supply corporation (Zesco) director Cyprian Chitundu.

“Where is he, he is supposed to be here, President Sata said as Chalabesa rushed into the room panting.”

As President Sata shouted at him, Chalabesa tried to explain the situation in a low voice.

Later the President sworn in Jennipher Chiwela and Alfred Sikazwe as Teaching Service Commission chairperson and deputy respectively.

Other members were Justo Chishimba, Agness Nyoni, Robam Mwaba David Kandolondo and Janet Kayama.

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