PPAZ wants guidelines on AIDS and homosexuals

Edford Mutuna

Edford Mutuna

The Planned Parenthood Association of Zambia (PPAZ) has called on government to come up with guidelines on how stakeholders in the country could tackle the problem of HIV and AIDS among groups of the same sex who engage in sexual activities.

PPZ Director of Programmes and Partnerships, Edford Mutuma, says the recent revelations by the National Aids Council during a  presentation in November this year that there is an increase of HIV and AIDS among men who have sex with other men in places such as prisons should be taken seriously.

Mr Mutuma said there is need to ensure access to reproductive health services is a right for everyone  without discrimination.

He said government and other stakeholders should ensure that modalities are drawn on how to handle groups such as homosexuals and lesbians who exist in Zambia but are living in fear to come out in the open.

Mr. Mutuma stated that as PPAZ it will continue respecting human rights and ensure that those who seek its services are not denied. He said the recent findings in the Zambia Demographic Health Survey of 2007 should be dealt with comprehensively.

Mr Mutuma said  the PPAZ has repositioned itself to meet the current needs of young people in the Zambia.

He said the organisation will now focus on offering comprehensive HIV and AIDS response programmes which would address issues of access and availability of contraceptives, male circumcision, youths and women.

Mr Mutuma also called on young people to take messages of HIV and AIDS seriously and be able to remain focused.

Meanwhile Saint Ambrose has embarked on programme to promote positive behaviour change among young people using football and other sports activities.

The NGO organized 32 youth groups to participate in a tournament dubbed “Never Give Up” Championship at Matanda Ground.

The competition saw the participation of girls under 12 and 18 years take part and boys under 10,15 and 20 years.

Project Coordinator, Serena Matteo, said the initiative is aimed at promoting behaviour change among youths so that they stay focused on their future.

Ms Matteo said the NGO will continue supporting such ventures when resources are available.


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